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The Dirt Drifters

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MichaelBennett's picture

when when when when is the CD being released??? Need the tunes out there for the rest of the non knowers what they're missing. Do you have a release date for the disc?? Excellent tunes guys, your time is now.

Danimal's picture

Thanks to Slacker radio I heard you guys and was blown away! I was so glad to see you guys come to phoenix and rock it. I am excited for your new album to get released.

Joanna's picture

Great show last night...wish you guys the best of luck with the new record.


Joanna's picture

Look forward to seeing you guys at Joe's Bar in Chicago!

Safe Travels.


Bama_girl's picture

I heard yall live just recently in Birmingham, AL and you have quickly became one of my new favorite up and coming bands! I loved yall! But I have searched endlessly for the song There She Goes .. and yall don't seem to have it recorded ... I absolutely loved the song and hope to hear it on a track soon! I was very very impressed with yall! Best of luck!!

Stephanie's picture

Your music makes me smile...and want to dance simultaneously

Massi's picture

I'm finding for "Hold you back"; i'm writing from Italy and my son loves this song (he had seen the film "for the love of a dog"). How can I buy this song?

Dana's picture

"Steal You Away" where can I get your version??? I love it!!!

sherrose94's picture

You guys have an absolutely AWESOME sound!!!! Love nothing without you!!!